Frequently Asked Questions

Can you handle my high-volume use case?

Ipregistry reputation is about it's enterprise-grade API for IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence. The Ipregistry API is designed for high scalability. Our infrastructure runs in multiple data centers globally (Australia, Brazil, Europe, India, Japan, US). Requests are routed to the closest data center using a global anycast load balancer, thus ensuring low latencies.

Our infrastructure handles millions of requests per day. If you are anticipating a growth in the number of request volumes, we can easily handle it!

Are you looking for specific requirements? for instance, getting access to our raw datasets or using your own infrastructure for sub-milliseconds lookup latency? in that case, you should have a look at our Enterprise solutions.

How much of the IP Address space do you cover?

Ipregistry covers about 99.99% of all available IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in use.

However, you should note that some IP addresses are simply not locatable (e.g. is a private IP address that is not routable on the public Internet and has no meaning outside of a private/local network). As a consequence, not every IP address has response fields value set.

More generally, this applies to all known reserved IP addresses (i.e. loopback, link-local, multicast, private, site-local or wildcard). Such IP addresses do not make sense in a geolocation context. Besides, there exist anycast IP addresses that route content based on where the requester is located (e.g. As a result, such IP addresses will have low confidence accuracy. This limitation applies to any IP geolocation service provider.

Where do you get the data?

Ipregistry datasets are crafted using multiple sources and unique AI algorithms. We collect, parse, analyze, classify and correlate hundreds of Gigabytes of data every day from several partners and public sources. This includes network and routing information such as snapshots of BGP tables, data from Regional Internet Registry (RIR) databases, ISP data, data sharing agreements, geofeeds, latency-based tracking information, and corrections we receive!

How often is the data updated?

Although we detect and apply changes continuously, it does not make sense to refresh all data at the same pace from a technical point of view. Our best in class algorithms and infrastructure allow us to guarantee that all IP geolocation data are refreshed at least once per day. Regarding threat/security data, updates are performed in average every 15 minutes. This way you get fresh results and false positives are reduced to their minimum.

How can I keep an eye on my request volumes?

You can analyze your usage per periods directly from our dashboard. Once authenticated, the dashboard shows a graph of credits consumed. Based on your settings we can also send a weekly or monthly summary by email.

In case you need to get the number of remaining credits programmatically, look at the response header named Ipregistry-Credits-Remaining when you perform a request to the Ipregistry API.

Does free credits renew every month?

The short answer is no. However, note we have a pack of credits starting at $10 and features are not segmented, meaning you get all data (e.g company data, VPN detection, etc.).

When you create an account, we offer 100,000 free credits. This allows you to assess the service by making up to 100,000 requests for free. Once you have consumed your free credits, you will need to buy a pack of credits. With our standard offering, credits do not reset and remain on your account until they are used. As a consequence, there is no monthly fee. You pay for what you use only.

Why can't I just register lots of accounts and use them up to the free trial limit as a way to get out of paying anything?

First up, many thanks to all of you that don't do this. By playing within the rules you enable us to work on this service. You are awesome.

But assuming you have no moral qualms about abusing our generous service, be warned that when we see you doing this we will start feeding you back randomly wrong results. Enjoy!

How is Ipregistry compliant with privacy laws?

Ipregistry is CCPA, GDPR and LGPD compliant. You can read more on the dedicated pages and our Privacy Policy.

Can I cancel anytime?

There is no monthly fee and no commitment with our standard offering. You can stop paying at any time. Requests to our API will fail when you run out of credits. Note we provide an option from our dashboard to delete your account and data.

How can I contact you?

Your question is not answered above, or you want to share some feedback? Get in touch.