What is Ipregistry?

Ipregistry is a trusted and in-depth IP Geolocation and Threat detections source of information that can benefit publishers, ad networks, retailers, financial services and more.

Our products produce insights that can be used to personalize content for users, customers or leads in a non-intrusive manner, based on their currency, location, timezone, company or carrier details. These insights can also be leveraged to deliver targeted advertising, control the distribution of digital media but also prevent online fraud by detecting malicious activities: requests from hosting nodes, users using Tor, public proxies or users reported as abusers and attackers in 220+ OSINT threat feeds.

This is made possible by processing Terabytes of data weekly to produce custom high-quality IP geolocation and Threat data sets.

Yet another geolocation API?

We started Ipregistry for internal needs. Existing solutions were either too slow, too expensive or not complete enough. Even worse, some IP geolocation providers artificially segment features that cost them no pennies and require users to perform multiple requests to get the right data. Nowadays, IP Intelligence is essential to many businesses, but we think it's not a reason to abuse customers.

Ipregistry innovates on this market by providing extensive data sets along with a fast, reliable Geolocation and Threat data API that is precise and affordable. Our data sets include fresh and accurate information. The Ipregistry underlying infrastructure is globally available in multiple data centers around the World. Requests are load-balanced based on their origin location and served blazingly fast.

If you think something's missing or have ideas to improve the service, your feedback is greatly appreciated.