Detecting and preventing fraud

Eliminate security risks before they happen

Get insights that save money to your business.

  • Block automated visits from hosting providers

    Protect your business site from unwanted site scrapers or automated visits made from a hosting provider node.

  • Highlight strange web activities

    Stop intruders in their tracks by cross-examining the current IP geolocation details of suspicious users.

  • Limit multiple login attempts

    Does a same user logins from different locations in a short period of time? Detect such a pattern with Ipregistry.

  • Identify malicious users

    Detect sources of nefarious traffic (malware, denial of service, etc.) using our threat intelligence data.

  • Block Proxy and Tor users

    Detect anonymous users to protect your business from fraud and abuse. Discover irregularities and take actions.

  • Identify bad actors and bots

    Gate access to sensitive areas of your website based on IP and threat information. Save bandwidth and compute resources.

  • Predict chargebacks

    Trigger alerts to suspicious transactions made from an unexpected location or from an anonymous network.

  • Prevent free trial abuse

    Reduce the occurence of chargebacks or free trial quota abuse by fake spammy accounts.

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