IP Geolocation and Threat Detection

Understand your audience and act upon—locate visitors by IP address, enrich forms, target mobile users, detect and prevent online fraud, analyze logs, or perform geo IP based redirections.

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  • Your IP address
  • 2a01:e35:2f22:e3d0::1
  • Abuser IP
  • Attacker IP
  • Bogon IP
  • Proxy IP
  • Tor Exit Node
  • Cloud Provider IP
  • Mobile IP

Hundred of satisfied companies

Accenture Coinbase Kustomer Slido Upguard

The trusted solution for IP address data


The API covers over 3 million unique locations and thousand cities around the world in both IPv4 and IPv6.

Powerful & Scalable

From a dozen to million requests a day, our global infrastructure with anycast routing provides incredible response times.

Threat Intelligence Data

Check IP addresses against more than 220+ OSINT Threat Feeds instantaneously and protect your business from abuse.

Regular Updates

You get fresh and accurate results. Our database is updated from rock-solid sources, continuously.


You pay on a per lookup basis, based on your usage. No plans with unused limits or segmented features.

Credit Cards, Paypal, Crypto

Credit Cards and Paypal are accepted, alongside Bitcoins and altcoins. Contact us for other payment solutions.

Extensive Dataset

Find out users' location, currency, timezone, company data, usage type, threat data, etc. Up to 65 data points in one request.

Seamless Integration

Our polished JSON and XML API but also our use case examples will meet your needs. If not, drop us a line.

World-Class Documentation

A quick start guide and an extensive API documentation will get you up and running in a few minutes. Let's give a look!

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