Ipstack Alternative and Competitor

Ipstack Alternative and Competitor

If you are using an IP address geolocation service, you most probably already know Ipstack (ipstack.com). The service is operated by Apilayer since 2017 after they bought the open-source project freegeoip.net and they rebrand it to Ipstack.

Ipstack is a great service and some of our customers were also using it before discovering Ipregistry. Do you know why companies switched from Ipstack to Ipregistry? we are revealing the reasons in this side by side analyzis.

Ipstack vs Ipregistry

Comparison between Ipstack and Ipregistry as available in June 2020.
IP GeolocationIpstack supports IP GeolocationIpregistry supports IP Geolocation
IPv4 and IPv6 supportPartial (can analyze a given IPv6 address but cannot discover the IPv6 address of a user).Ipregistry fully supports IPv4 and IPv6
Dashboard (usage monitoring, settings management)Total request count per month only. No hourly or weekly usage details.Ipregistry provides a dashboard to monitor and manage options
Bulk LookupsSupport only 50 IP addresses per request call and you need to pay at least $49.99 for this feature.Up to 256 IP addresses per request call.
Average Response Time158ms24ms
Best Response Time62ms10ms
Output FormatJSON or XMLJSON or XML
Response FilteringIpstack supports fields selectionIpregistry supports fields selection
Client LibrariesIpstack does not provide client libraries. You have to manage caching and bots exclusion by yourself.Libraries with caching support and bots exclusion (available in Java, JavaScript, Python and more).
JSONP (deprecated)Ipstack supports deprecated JSONPIpregistry does not support deprecated JSONP but CORS instead
Hostname LookupIpstack supports hostname lookupIpregistry supports hostname lookup
Domain and IP WhitelistingIpstack does not support domain or IP whitelistingIpregistry supports domain and IP whitelisting
Multiple API keysIpstack does not support multiple API keysIpregistry supports multiple API keys per account
Throttling / Rate limitingIpstack does not support throttling or rate limitingYou can enable rate limiting per API key or per Client IP (hourly time window).
Usage Reports by EmailIpstack sends no usage reportIpregistry sends usage reports by email based on your preferences
User-Agent DataYou need to use a separate service from Apilayer: userstack.com.Ipregistry returns and parses User-Agent data
Country Borders and PopulationIpstack does not return Country borders or populationIpregistry returns Country borders and up-to-date population
Country FlagsSingle basic shape.SVG and PNG files you can hotlink (4 different flavors).
Carrier DataIpstack does not provide Carrier DataIpregistry does provide Carrier Data. You can detect if your users are on a mobile network
Company Name and DomainISP Company Name only.Ipregistry returns Company Name and Domain
IP address Type (business, education, hosting, isp)Ipstack does not return IP address typeIpregistry returns IP address type
Threat DataStart at $99.99/month. Coarse grain.Check against 620M entries, updated continuously. Start for free.
Distinction between Tor relay nodes and exit nodesIpstack does not distinguish between Tor relay nodes and exit nodesIpregistry distinguishes between Tor relay nodes and exit nodes
Pricing ModelSubscription based
Paid plans starting at $9.99/month.
Recharge starting from $5.

Why companies prefer Ipregistry over Ipstack

Low Response Time

Building a highly available and fast global API requires a lot of expertise. At Ipregistry, our team has more than 15 years of experience building highly available and scalable services. We rely on the best technology stack to ensure a global low latency.

Besides the fact that we provide one of the fastest geolocation and threat data API available on the market, our infrastructure scales automatically on-demand but also serves fresh and accurate IP address data from memory while being refreshed continuously along the days.

A Dashboard to Monitor and Take Actions

Usage Monitoring

Ipstack displays your remaining API calls for the current month. It is also possible to get the number of calls per days. Ipregistry goes further by displaying a nice chart to interpret in a flash your hourly and daily usage for the current month.

Ipregistry Dashboard – API Key Usage Chart
Ipregistry Dashboard – API Key Usage Chart.

Actionable Options

One important concept in software architecture is separation of concerns. In a Software-as-a-Service API this can materialize by supporting multiple API keys per account. This allows to use one key per isolated concern you might have and thus improving overall security. Ipstack supports only one key per account while Ipregistry does support multiple API keys per account.

The benefit of having more than 1 API key per account is that you can set different settings for different needs. In contrary to Ipstack, Ipregistry enables domain and IP whitelisting: you can restrict what IP or domain is allowed to use a given API key. In addition, throttling is also supported.

Ipregistry Dashboard – API Key Options
Ipregistry Dashboard – API Key Options.

Extensive IP and Threat Data

At Ipregistry we think that IP geolocation and threat data must be accurate, reliable but also fairly priced. Customers trust Ipregistry for these values. However, that's not enough to stay a leader in the market. You need to keep innovating. That's why we listen continuously to our users and keep adding new data fields and features.

Ipregistry returns more than 100 data points, and this keeps improving. Do you need to identify the company and domain for whoever is browsing your pages? Do you want to find out the carrier name, mobile country code, and mobile network code details? In contrary to Ipstack which does not support the required features, Ipregistry enables such use cases. Along with this information and you can even find out if an IP address belongs to a consumer, business, education or hosting provider.

We also provide Enterprise solutions. Ipregistry can adapt to your needs and requirements so that our service fits what you want — we make the box fit around you, not the opposite!

Inexpensive but Fast and Reliable

Ipstack pricing model is based on subscriptions. You have to pay monthly, even if you use only 10% of your quota. However, usage patterns are rarely constant. For instance, an e-commerce website will see big spikes on Black Fridays every year.

With Ipregistry, you pay only for what you use, request by request. Every feature is included with no additional charges. Payment methods include Credit Cards, Paypal and Cryptocurrencies!

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