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When you start a new business in a domain that has existing competitors, the first question you get from potential leads or people browsing your pages is: what's the difference between X and your product? What are you doing better or what do you bring they don't already?

At Ipregistry, we believe that IP Geolocation services can do better, in terms of price, features but also ease of use. This blog post is a first of a long series that aims to review (honestly) most popular API Geolocation services with Ipregistry.

Ipregistry vs Ipdata.co

Features comparison between Ipregistry and Ipdata as available in August 2019.
IP GeolocationIpregistry supports IP GeolocationIpdata supports IP Geolocation
IPv4 and IPv6 supportIpregistry fully supports IPv4 and IPv6Partial (can analyze a given IPv6 address but cannot discover the IPv6 address of a user).
Threat Data620M entries.600M entries.
Distinction between Tor relay nodes and exit nodesIpregistry distinguish between Tor relay nodes and exit nodesIpdata does not distinguish between Tor relay nodes and exit nodes
Dashboard (usage monitoring, settings management)Ipregistry provides a dashboard to monitor and manage optionsIpdata does not provide any dashboard (you need to send emails)
Bulk LookupsUp to 256 IP addresses per call.Support only 100 IP addresses per call.
Average Response Time24ms58ms
Best Response Time10ms42ms
Output FormatJSON or XML.JSON only.
Response Fields SelectionCustom: you get exactly what you need.Static: only a small and predefined set of fields can be returned.
Country FlagsSVG and PNG files you can hotlink (4 different flavors).PNG only (low resolution 30x20 pixels).
Client LibrariesYes, with caching support and bots exclusion.No caching or bots exclusion support.
JSONP (deprecated)Ipregistry does not support deprecated JSONPIpdata supports deprecated JSONP
Hostname LookupIpregistry supports hostname lookupIpdata does not support hostname lookup
Domain WhitelistingIpregistry supports domain whitelistingIpdata supports domain whitelisting
IP WhitelistingPer API key or Per Client IP (hourly time window).Per client IP (daily time window).
Multiple API keysIpregistry supports multiple API keys per accountIpdata does not support multiple API keys
Usage Reports by EmailIpregistry sends usage reports by email based on your preferencesIpdata sends no usage report
User-Agent DataIpregistry can return User-Agent dataIpdata has no support for User-Agent data
Country Borders and PopulationIpregistry returns Country borders and up-to-date populationIpdata does not return Country borders or population
Carrier DataIpregistry supports Carrier DataIpdata supports Carrier Data
Company Name and DomainIpregistry help finding Company Name and DomainCompany Name only.
IP address Type (business, education, hosting, isp)Ipregistry returns IP address typeIpdata does not return IP address type
Pricing ModelPay-as-you-go
Recharge starting from $5.
Subscription based
Plans starting from $10.

At least 4 reasons to prefer Ipregistry over Ipdata

Quick Response Time

Page speed and request response time have a direct impact on your users' experience and your sells. The Ipregistry API is on average twice faster than Ipdata. Our infrastructure handles most operations in-memory with several nodes deployed around the World using the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. You get responses faster than Ipdata but also more data points! Starts enhancing your user experience and get more sells right now!

A Dashboard to Monitor and Take Actions

Do you know a lot of online professional services that provide no dashboard, require email interactions and wait hours to change basic settings on your account? In contrary to Ipdata, with Ipregistry you have access to a complete and easy to use dashboard that allows monitoring your usage, creating new API keys, editing settings and more. We know your time is precious. Use Ipregistry and save your time!

Ipregistry Dashboard Overview
Ipregistry Dashboard.

More Data Points

Ipregistry returns more than 60 data points, and this keeps improving. Do you need to identify the company and domain for whoever is browsing your pages? You want to find out the carrier name, mobile country code, and mobile network code details? Ipregistry provides all this information and you can even find out if an IP address belongs to a consumer, business, education or hosting provider.

Inexpensive but Fast and Reliable

You pay only for what you use. Every feature is included with no additional charges. Payment methods include Credit Cards, Paypal and Cryptocurrencies!

Ipregistry data are updated continuously from more than 40 sources. We analyze and correlate TB of data every days to make sure you get the most accurate information.

We also provide Enterprise solutions. Ipregistry can adapt to your needs and requirements so that our service fits what you want — we make the box fit around you, not the opposite!

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