What is GeoIP or IP Geolocation?

What is GeoIP or IP Geolocation?

GeoIP, or IP geolocation refers to the method of locating a user or device's geographic location through its IP address. The method can reveal device information including but not limited to the country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP/postal code, ISP, or ASN where a device IP address is in use.

The most prevalent application of GeoIP involves geo-targeting, or determining a computer's location in order to tailor content specifically for that location. Geo-targeting is most often used for targeted ads, predictive analysis, spam prevention, or restricting access based on location.

It should be remembered that GeoIP is not as reliable and accurate as other methods of geolocation, such as GPS, though no geolocation system delivers perfect accuracy. Don't confuse GeoIP with Geolocation by GPS. GeoIP looks at a user's or device's IP to determine the location, whereas geolocation takes a look at the latitude/longitude coordinates using satellites and GPS to find a location.

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